Seizure Training

Free seizure recognition and first aid trainings for all audiences

Do you know what to do if someone has a seizure? We offer free seizure recognition and first aid training for school personnel, students, families, first responders, and other community organizations. The content and duration of our trainings can be adjusted to suit your needs, and we offer presentations suitable for all ages.

Project School Alert

Project School Alert is a free program that brings epilepsy education to our schools. We travel to schools throughout western and central Pennsylvania to educate students, teachers, nurses, bus drivers, and other support staff how to recognize and respond to seizures. Anyone can request Project School Alert services at any time — a parent, teacher, school nurse, or administrator.

Presentations for School Staff

Epilepsy and Seizures (60 minutes)

For faculty and staff, this presentation provides an overview of epilepsy and seizures. Topics that are covered include seizure recognition and first aid, treatments for epilepsy, and how to manage seizures in a school setting.

School Nurse Training (45-60 minutes or 3 hours)

For school nurses, this presentation provides an overview of epilepsy and seizures, with a specific focus on treatment options. The three-hour workshop can be arranged for school nurse groups, and when possible, credits will be provided to participants upon completion of the course requirements.

Presentations for Students

My Not-So-Secret Seizures (30 minutes)

For the youngest audiences, this program is based on a picture book called “My Not-So-Secret Seizures.” The story is read aloud to the children, and each child also receives a coloring book. This program and coloring book are also available in Spanish.

1 in 26 (45 minutes)

For 4th-8th grades, this program has a PowerPoint presentation and series of short videos featuring kids from western Pennsylvania who have epilepsy. Audience response technology has also been integrated into this presentation.

The Truth About Epilepsy (45 minutes)

For high school students, this program features a PowerPoint presentation and a video introducing epilepsy from the points of view of individuals impacted by epilepsy.

Would you like to become a Seizure Smart School?

We are happy to offer a designation for schools who educate all faculty members and all students as Seizure Smart Schools. These schools get recognized on all of our social media pages, in our biannual newsletter, and receive a certificate to display proudly in your school building. Seizure Smart status lasts for a full academic year and can be easily renewed the following year by having a refresher presentation for staff and educating new incoming students.

Education for Families

When someone you love is diagnosed with epilepsy, it is important to make sure that everyone in the family knows how to recognize and respond to seizures.

You can start by visiting the About Epilepsy section of our website or checking out our YouTube channel for videos and educational presentations from our past events. There are resources like first aid posters and babysitter guides available in our Resource Library.

If you are looking for an in-person training for your family, we may be able to help. Throughout the year we have educational conferences and often we include a session on basic epilepsy information and first aid. We can also arrange a time for your family to visit one of our offices and meet with our staff to go through the seizure recognition and first aid presentation. Although we will not be able to answer specific medical questions about your loved one, we can address any general questions about epilepsy and seizures and hopefully help your family become more comfortable with your loved one’s diagnosis. Contact us if you would like to learn more about the possibilities for educating your family.

First Responder Training

EMS, firefighters, police officers, and other first responders are charged with keeping everyone safe. While most first responders receive first aid training that touches on epilepsy, we provide training that focuses on what is new in the epilepsy community. We include information about recognizing the various types of seizures, and focus on things that the first responders may not be aware of like newly available medical devices and how to handle them when responding to an emergency, medical marijuana, and Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). These trainings are free and can be scheduled whenever it is convenient for you.

If you are an EMS provider located in Pennsylvania, be sure to check the TRAIN PA course registry for available courses on epilepsy and related topics. We work with local neurologists and the Regional EMS Councils to provide the latest information in courses that are available for credits to you online through the TRAIN PA website.

Training for Community Organizations

If you are part of another company or community organization, you can request a free training that will share information about our programs and services, seizure recognition, and first aid. These presentations can be arranged around your schedule as a stand-alone presentation, part of a staff meeting, or a lunch-and-learn. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our seizure recognition and first aid training program.