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Helpful information for people with epilepsy and their families

The EAWCP maintains a library of helpful resources for people with epilepsy and their families.

We offer many types of resources from online videos and printable tools, to brochures and books.


Visit our YouTube Channel for Epilepsy Awareness videos and recorded educational seminars.

Information Sheets as Printable PDFs

Tools and Forms to Help Manage Epilepsy as Printable PDFs

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Larger Informational Brochures and Books from the EAWCP

Contact us to receive a copy of these resources

  • Epilepsy Is What You Have Epilepsy Is What You Have Not Who You Are
    A comprehensive brochure explaining epilepsy and what the EAWCP does
  • Coloring Book My Not-So-Secret Seizures Coloring Book
    A coloring book about a boy with seizures

    Mis ataques de epilepsia no son tan secretos (Spanish)

  • Caring For Your Child Caring For Your Child
    A comprehensive binder of information and resources for families

    Cómo Cuidar de su Niño (Spanish)
    Un recurso para familias de niños con epilepsia

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Most of the listed books can be borrowed from the EAWCP’s lending library.

100 Questions & Answers about Epilepsy
by Anuradha Singh, MD

Brainstorms: Epilepsy in Our Words — Personal Accounts of Living with Seizures (2008)
by Steven C. Schachter, MD

Brainstorms Companion: Epilepsy in Our View — Stories from Friends & Families of People Living with Epilepsy (2008)
by Steven C. Schachter, MD

Brainstorms Family: Epilepsy on Our Terms — Stories by Children with Seizures and Their Parents (2008)
by Steven Schachter, MD; Georgia Montouris, MD; John M. Pellock, MD

Changed By a Child: Companion Notes for Parents of a Child with a Disability (1997)
by Barbara Gill

Childhood Epilepsies: Neuropsychological, Psychosocial, and Intervention Aspects (1989)
by Bruce P. Hermann and Michael Seidenberg

Children with Epilepsy: A Parent’s Guide (1998)
by Helen Reisner

Does Your Child Have Epilepsy? (1991)
by James E. Jan, Robert G. Ziegler, Giuseppe Erba

Epilepsy: 199 Answers (2008)
by Andrew N. Wilner, MD, FACP, FAAN

Epilepsy: Patient and Family Guide (2008)
by Orrin Devinsky, MD

Epilepsy in Children: What Every Parent Needs to Know, First Edition (2015)
by Orrin Devinsky, MD; Erin Conway, MS RN CRNP; Courtney Schnabel Glick, MS RD CDN

Good Morning Beautiful: Winning the Battle over Seizures (2010)
by Paulette George

Growing up with Epilepsy (2003)
by Lynn Bennett Blackburn, PhD

Keto Kid: Helping Your Child Succeed on the Ketogenic Diet, First Edition (2006)
by Deborah Ann Snyder, DO

Ketogenic Diets: Treatments for Epilepsy and Other Disorders, Fifth Edition (2011)
by Eric Kossoff, MD; John Freeman, MD; Zahava Turner, RD; James Rubenstein, MD

Missing Michael — A Mother’s Story of Love, Epilepsy, and Perseverance (2005)
by Mary Lou Connolly

Parents Guide — When the Seizures Don’t Stop: Why — and What to do Next (2004)
by Steven M. Wolf, MD; Patricia Engel McGoldric, CPNP

Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures: A Guide (2014)
by Lorna Myers, Ph.D.

Seizures and Epilepsy in Childhood, Third Edition (2002)
by John Freeman, MD; Eileen P.G. Vining, MD; Diana J. Pillas

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down (2007)
by Anne Fadiman

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy: Continuing the Global Conversation (2011)
Editors: Denise Chapman, Rosemary Panelli, Jane Hanna, Tazmin Jeff

That’s My Child: Strategies for Parents of Children with Disabilities (1996)
by Lizanne Capper

What You Need to Know if Epilepsy Has Touched Your Life: A Guide in Plain English (2012)
by Marcele Lancman, MD

Your Child and Epilepsy (1995)
by Robert J. Gumnit, MD

Your Child Has a Disability: A Complete Sourcebook of Daily and Medical Care (1998)
by Mark L. Batshaw

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Brainstorms Family: Epilepsy on Our Terms — Stories by Children with Seizures and Their Parents (2008)
by Steven Schachter, MD; Georgia Montouris, MD; John M. Pellock, MD

Journey to Adulthood
by Cleveland Clinic

Epilepsy: I Can Live With That! (1995)
by Susan Wills Goss

Epilepsy: The Ultimate Teen Guide (2007)
by Kathlyn Gay

Mighty Mike Bounces Back (2012)
by Robert Skead, Mike Simmel

Self-Determination Strategies for Adolescents in Transition (1998)
by Sharon Field, Alan Hoffman, Shirley Spezia

Views from Our Shoes: Growing Up With a Brother or Sister with Special Needs (1997)
by Donald Joseph Meyer

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About Your Sleep Study
by Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

Being Sara (2009)
by Chris Passudetti

Chris Plays Basketball (2003)
by Todd Filipps

Dotty the Dalmation has Epilepsy (1995)

Elena’s EEG Adventure: A Coloring Book from Rochester (2012)
by Rochester ElectroMedical, Inc. (www.rochestermed.com)

Elena/Eddie Electro Dolls
by Rochester ElectroMedical, Inc.

Epilepsy Book for Kids (2012)
by Layla Reid

Erica has a Problem: Epilepsy (1998)
by Caren Mazure

The Great Katie Kate Explains Epilepsy (2014)
by M. Maitland DeLand

Hi, My Name is Jack (2000)
by Christina Beall-Suillivan

Karen’s Epilepsy (2010)
by Elizabeth Baltaro

Koko the Service Dog (2008)
by Lisa Mink, MS

Lee the Rabbit with Epilepsy (1989)
by Deborah M. Moss

Let’s Learn with Teddy about Epilepsy (2008)
by Dr. Yvonne Zelenka

Me and My World: All about Epilepsy (1989)
by Epilepsy Foundation

MediKidz Explain Epilepsy (2013)
by Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair and Shawn deLoache

Mommy, I Feel Funny (2009)
by Danielle M. Rocheford

My Friend Emily: A Story about Epilepsy and Friendship (1994)
by Susanne M. Swanson

My Friend Matty: A Story about Living with Epilepsy (2005)
by Debra and Richard Siravo

My Not-So-Secret Seizures (2019)
by Paige Devlin, Yazmin Peña, and Andrea Zonneveld

Sarah Jayne has Staring Moments (2012)
by Kate Lambert

Sometimes I Get the Wiggles — Be an Epilepsy Seizure Hero (2016)
by Andee Cooper

Straight Talk on Epilepsy: What Kids Need to Know (2006)
by Epilepsy Foundation and Abbott Neurosciences

Taking Seizure Disorders to School: A Story about Epilepsy (2001)
by Kim Gosselin

Teagan’s Story: Her Battle with Epilepsy (2011)
by Talia Jager

Through His Eyes (2009)
by Lisa M. Loiodice

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