Emma’s Gift

The Emma Bursick Memorial Fund (EBMF) was established in 2009 in memory of Emma Bursick who died from Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) at the age of seven. EBMF’s mission includes: funding for emergency medication programs and epilepsy research; community outreach via presentations & seminars; training for Medical Examiners, health care providers, and professional organizations; and grants that promote patient and family self-advocacy for improved epilepsy treatment, healthy living, and hopefully, a cure.

The EAWCP will provide financial support to qualified applicants through a grant from the Emma Bursick Memorial Fund for purchase of in-home monitoring devices. We encourage and strongly recommend that you communicate with the device manufacturers, and consult with your doctors about the effectiveness of such devices for your specific needs. Please review the product options below.

Monitors and Devices

The EAWCP continues to research information on non-invasive seizure detection and monitoring devices as well as other developing technologies. Although these devices have not as yet been proven to prevent SUDEP, we feel strongly that people living with epilepsy or seizure disorders should have information and resources at their disposal to support living well with seizures.


The SmartWatch is a movement detection and alerting monitor worn on the wrist. The watch is looking for 7 seconds of repetitive, shaking motion similar to that of a grand mal/tonic clonic seizure. Once the motion is detected, the SmartWatch will alert family members within seconds via text message and phone call. The SmartWatch also has a help button which the wearer can press to call for help for any reason.


For more information on the SmartWatch, visit www.smart-monitor.com or call 1-888-334-5045.


It is important to note that this grant will cover the cost of the watch, activation fee, and one year of service. You will be responsible for the monthly fee after the first year of service. It is also important to note that this device only works with Android capable devices at this time.

Emfit Movement Monitor

The Emfit Movement Monitor is a bed monitor that triggers an alert when it senses repetitive muscle spasms like that of a tonic clonic/grand mal seizure. The Emfit Movement Monitor consists of two main components: a flexible and durable bed sensor placed under the mattress and a bed-side monitor with sophisticated embedded software. The Movement Monitor detects when a person has continuous fast movements over a pre-set amount of time (which is adjustable to suit your needs) and then triggers an audible alarm.


For more information on the Emfit Movement Monitor, visit www.emfitcorp.com or call 877-32EMFIT.


It is important to note that this grant will only cover the cost for the initial monitor and alarm pictured here. Any additional accessories are up to you to purchase.

SAMi The Sleep Activity Monitor

SAMi is a sleep activity monitor which is placed facing the bed of the person with epilepsy. During sleep, audio-video information from a remote infrared video camera is sent to an application running on an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPod Touch. The SAMi app records and analyzes the video for unusual activity. If the SAMi notices repetitive movement, it will sound an alarm in the SAMi app.


For more information on the SAMi, visit www.samialert.com


It is important to note that this grant will only cover two SAMi package options. Any additional accessories are your responsibility. Also, this device requires internet access and Apple devices.