A Note to Parents

If your child has epilepsy, you may want to have her classmates and teachers learn more about seizure disorders and how to help her succeed in the classroom. To help your family achieve that goal, the EAWCP offers Project School Alert, a free presentation on seizure recognition, first aid and epilepsy awareness in an effort to help schools build inclusive, supportive communities for all of their students.

You can talk with your child’s teacher, principal, school nurse or superintendent to let them know of the availability of this program and encourage them to contact one of our offices to set up specific presentation dates and times. You can also call the EAWCP’s community education coordinators and ask them to contact your child’s school to set up a Project School Alert presentation. Call 1-800-361-5885 in western PA or 1-800-336-0301 in central PA for more information about Project School Alert or to request that your child’s school be contacted about this program.