Adult Social and Support Networks

Individuals and families who face the daily challenges of epilepsy or seizure disorder often feel isolated and fear that there is no one else who truly understands their struggle with this condition. Bringing people together to share common experiences, frustrations, successes and victories over epilepsy is one way that the EAWCP strives to provide some emotional support and encouragement to people confronting the negative aspects of epilepsy. Individuals are often able to learn more from other patients, parents and family members than from any other source of information available.

If you’re looking for someone who understands what you and your family are going through in coping with epilepsy in your lives, take advantage of some of these opportunities to connect with others coping with epilepsy.

Attend a Discussion Group Meeting to meet other people in your local area who are also coping with epilepsy. The groups offer socialization, friendship and learning. The groups are open to anyone with epilepsy or a seizure disorder. Spouses, significant others, and friends are also welcome to attend our meetings. The groups often invite speakers to address concerns such as legal rights, medication, self-esteem, driving, employment, family dynamics and housing.


Contact Francine at 412-322-5880 to see if there is a discussion group in your area.


Contact Gretchen at 717-730-6779 for details about the support group in York.


Contact Laura at 717-730-6779 for details about the support group in Hershey.


Contact Greg at 814-799-0345 for details about the support group in Johnstown.

Peer To Peer Linkage

If you are not able to attend local support group meetings you may be interested in a Peer To Peer Linkage. In some instances, the EAWCP is able to find someone who lives in your local community who is willing to talk with you one-on-one to provide emotional support. Contact the EAWCP if you are interested in Peer To Peer Linkage.

Check out the EAWCP Calendar of Events for other educational and social programs.