Employment Discrimination

Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace can and does happen. When a person is living with the stress of feeling that he or she is the victim of discrimination, they often have a lot of questions. What do I do if I feel that my employer has discriminated against me? What constitutes employment discrimination? What are my rights under the Americans with Disability Act? How and where do I file a claim of employment discrimination? Knowing how to react isn’t easy.

There are several state and federal laws that apply to employment discrimination. Trying to determine which laws apply to your situation is difficult.

The EAWCP is here to help you. Our staff is happy to talk with you about your specific situation. In some cases, we can work with you and your employer to negotiate a solution to the problems you may be experiencing at work. In other instances, you may find that you are in fact in a discriminatory situation. In that event, we can help to guide you through the process of filing a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission or both. We are also here to help you to learn more about your rights, to refer you to legal resources and to help you to decide upon an appropriate course of action.

Employment discrimination can occur in hiring and firing; compensation, assignment, transfer, promotion, layoff, or recall; job advertisements; recruitment; testing; use of company facilities; training and apprenticeship programs; fringe benefits; or other terms and conditions of employment.

If you feel that you have been the victim of employment discrimination, contact the EAWCP office nearest you. Click here for a list of our offices. And, check out these other helpful resources for more information about employment discrimination.

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