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How We Can Help

How We Can Help...

...When you have questions about epilepsy and employment

While we do not offer direct placement, we can help you prepare for successful employment.

If you are looking for employment, we can help you review your resume and make sure everything is up-to-date. We can also help you figure out what kind of opportunities might be best suited for you. The best way to make sure this conversation is helpful is to go through the questions on our employment page and think about how you would answer them, because our staff will use these questions to guide the conversation we have with you.


We provide free seizure recognition and first aid training, and we would be happy to provide this at your workplace during a staff meeting or lunch and learn. We can also talk to your employer about epilepsy and seizures and accommodations, if they are looking for help.

We can help you think about reasonable accommodations that you may want to ask for.

If you think you are being discriminated against, visit our employment preparation page to learn more about your rights and other resources that can help.