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How We Can Help...

...When there is a new diagnosis of epilepsy.

Having epilepsy can be very overwhelming at times. Learning that you are not alone, how other families are living with epilepsy, and where you can find support can help. Knowing that anyone can develop epilepsy does not make it easier to accept that your loved one has been diagnosed with it. Having epilepsy often creates many challenges. It’s normal to ask “why us?”

If you have just learned that you or someone you love has epilepsy or a seizure disorder, you may be reeling from the news. Take a deep breath. Much of the fear and uncertainty you may be feeling can be lessened by learning more about epilepsy and what to expect.

Call us!

Every person’s journey with epilepsy is different, so we recommend that you call us for customized support. We can talk to you about your situation, and discuss the various ways we can help you. We can provide you with brochures, information sheets, and first aid posters for yourself and others. Many times we can also connect you to other people/families who have been in similar situations, and who can talk to you about their experiences.

Get involved!

Attending events and meeting others affected by epilepsy helps you to realize that you are not alone in your epilepsy battle! To find out what events are happening near you, join our mailing list, and follow us on social media. Also check out our news and events pages.

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