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How We Can Help

How We Can Help...

...When you want to raise awareness

Telling others about what epilepsy is, and how it affects you is a great way to raise awareness and reduce myths and stigma around epilepsy.

We can help by providing informational brochures or flyers, and some great ideas.

Some things you can do to increase awareness:

Teach. Learning about epilepsy and seizure first aid can help people to feel more comfortable being around someone with epilepsy, can reduce stigma and even bullying! We offer free seizure training to many types of audiences, or can provide you with informational brochures and flyers.

Wear purple. Purple is the internationally recognized color of epilepsy awareness. Purple shirts, purple hats, purple gloves, purple socks. Whatever it is, wear your purple!

Tell your story. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you have epilepsy. Many people whose seizures are controlled would rather not talk about it, and that can lead to a misconception about how many people are affected by epilepsy.

Advocate. Don’t just tell your story to the people around you, let people in charge know about how epilepsy affects your life. Tell your legislators about how important epilepsy funding is to you, tell your teachers, friends, and co-workers. Raise Your Voice!

Celebrate NEAM. November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month (NEAM). Consider making a special effort to raise awareness in November. Consider trying to turn a building or bridge purple, host a special event, or talk about epilepsy on social media.

Be purple for a day. March 26 is considered International Purple Day. Celebrate by wearing purple. Change your profile pictures and share your epilepsy story on this day.

If you wish to fundraise alongside of raising awareness, see Host Your Own Fundraiser for tips on how to fundraise successfully.