Thank You

Ways to Give

Fundraising Event Ideas

Sell Something

  • Sell Purple Ribbons: These can be sold in banks, gas stations, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, restaurants, or even in your office.
  • Neighborhood/Company Bake Sale: Host a bake sale for your office, neighborhood or school. Ask coworkers to donate baked goods and advertise everywhere you can. Ask passers-by to make a donation and tell them their donation stays local and it supports the Epilepsy Association of Western and Central PA.
  • Silent Auction: Reach out to local businesses for prize donations. Plan a fun evening where people bid for prizes and raise money.
  • Raffle: Ask your employer if he/she would raffle a prime parking space or the day/half day off of work. Or raffle a basket or gift certificates.
  • Product Party: Everyone has a friend who represents a company like Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Stella & Dot, etc. Host an event in your home and ask the sales rep to donate a percentage of sales to your fundraising campaign.
  • Car washes
  • Yard or garage sale
  • Concession stand takeover

Host an athletic event

  • Golf Tournament: Start a charity tournament and have players buy-in with a donation to play. Get local companies involved as sponsors or in-kind prize donors.
  • Charity Yoga/Barre/Cycling Class: Ask a local fitness studio to donate registration fees for a class to your fundraising.
  • Cornhole/Dodgeball/Kickball/Softball Tournament: Set an entry fee and ask friends/family/neighbors to start a team to compete. Create a bracket and have fun whittling down the competition for a cause.
  • Train for an endurance event: Create, or join, an athletic event of your choice. Run your first marathon. Climb the nearest mountain. Ride your bike from coast-to-coast. It’s up to you.
  • Bowl-a-thons

Host a food event

  • Spaghetti Dinner/Pancake Breakfast: Invite your community over for a themed meal and ask that they make a donation in return. Partner with a church or community center and get the space donated. Go the extra mile and ask businesses in your neighborhood to donate food/beverages.
  • Backyard BBQ: Invite people over for an outdoor meal and ask that they make a donation in return. Take it a step further and ask your local grocery store/businesses to donate food.
  • Bake Sale
  • Lemonade/grape-ade stand
  • Restaurant night
  • Wine and Cheese night
  • Ice cream social

Host a community event

  • Trivia Night Happy Hour: Host a Trivia Night where teams compete against each other. Have prizes for winners and take additional donations throughout the evening.
  • Home or Garden Tour: Ask friends/neighbors to volunteer their homes/gardens to appear on a tour in your community. Charge an admission fee and have it count towards your fundraising.
  • Poker/Bingo Tournament: Find a location to host a tournament. Ask local businesses to donate food/prizes and charge an entry fee to play.
  • Benefit concerts or performance
  • Fashion show
  • Paint your own party
  • Ugly sweater party

Create a competition

  • Internal Challenge — Challenge each department to raise money for epilepsy.
  • Penny drives

At work

  • Jeans/Dress Down Friday at the Office: Organize a dress-down day at the office. Work with your boss/HR department to host a day where employees can dress casually in exchange for a donation.
  • Company Gift Matching: Check with your employer to see if they will match the funds that you raise.
  • Donation Can: Place a can in your company cafeteria. You will be surprised how fast spare change adds up.
  • Lunch and Learn: Order pizza and let your co-workers know what epilepsy is and how it has affected your life.


  • Clothing Swap: Ask friends and family to donate old clothes and accessories that they no longer wear. Host a party and sell items for donations.
  • Special Occasion Fundraiser: Donate your birthday/anniversary to the EAWCP. In lieu of gifts, ask your friends and family to make a donation.