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Hosting Your Own Fundraiser

Organize a third-party event with these guidelines

Hosting your own fundraiser is a great way to raise awareness about epilepsy and to support the mission of the EAWCP, which is “to improve the quality of life for persons with epilepsy/seizure disorders and to dispel the myths, stigmas, and misunderstandings associated with epilepsy.” We call this a third-party event, which is an activity hosted by an outside party to raise money on behalf of the Epilepsy Association of Western and Central PA.

To assist you in your event planning, the EAWCP has developed the following guidelines to help make your event successful.

Event Timeline

Six months before the fundraiser is scheduled, the host must complete and submit the Third Party Fundraising Event Proposal Form. The host will then be contacted by EAWCP staff to discuss the details of the event, and what assistance might be needed prior to the event. Once this conversation takes place, an acceptance letter and agreement will be sent from the EAWCP.

Set Your Goals

Set your goals for the event. Organize your team/committee so you can address these questions:

  • What type of an event will you host? You want to choose a theme that your friends and family would want to attend. For example, we have had many successful motorcycle Poker Runs hosted for us. This is a great event if your family or friends ride motorcycles.
  • Think about your resources. Do you have contacts at a pizza shop, grocery store, or t-shirt printing company that would be willing to make donations to support your event?
  • Where will you host your fund raising event? Will this location require permits or rental fees? Is there enough parking for all of your guests?
  • Choose a date. Know your audience and be aware of other events. If your friends are runners and you want to host a running event you would want to avoid the first weekend in May in Pittsburgh. That is the weekend of the Pittsburgh Marathon.
  • How many people will you expect to take part in the fundraiser?
  • How will participants register?
  • How much of a registration fee will you charge? It is best to have your fee in advance. That way if the weather is not ideal the day of the event and people don’t show up you already have their support.
    • Please talk with an EAWCP staff member to discuss registration and payment options.
  • Will you have a raffle/silent auction at your event?
  • Will you have food/catering at your event?
  • How much do you anticipate raising at your fundraiser?
  • Will you need an EAWCP staff member to attend your event?
  • The EAWCP is not in a position to supply funding for your event and is not responsible for any debt that may be incurred. You want to make sure you have a plan to cover your expenses.
  • The event host should not use the EAWCP to solicit its own sponsors, but can say that the EAWCP is the beneficiary of the activity.

These points will help frame the next concrete steps you will take to make your event a success!

Two months before the event, you should be mailing or emailing publicity for your event. If you wish to use the EAWCP logo and/or promotional materials in your publicity material, please call the office for specific instructions on logo usage. All materials must be approved prior to distribution. Remember to add a registration deadline so you can have a better idea of how many people will be attending your event.

Marketing ideas include

  • Post to your social media channels
  • Print out flyers or posters to distribute
  • Send out targeted email/text to family and friends
  • Talk to your local paper about doing a story on your event, or posting it to their calendar
  • See if you can advertise in a church bulletin, school related site, or a company or local neighborhood newsletter
  • Advertise on public websites such as or

Two weeks before the event, confirm your raffle/auction items, catering, and any giveaways you might be offering (t-shirts, etc.).

Day of event — Make sure your committee knows what their responsibilities are during the event. It is good to arrive two hours prior to the start of the event to set up registration tables and organize your raffle/auction items. Any catering expenses are the responsibility of the Third Party Coordinator.

After the event — You must submit all monies raised and provide a post event report to the EAWCP within 30 days of the completion of the event.

Photography — The EAWCP would love to have your photos to use on its website/printed materials. Please post the Photo Notification sign at your event, and send a completed Photo Release Form with any photos you submit.

Share your success with us! The EAWCP has had great success with third party fundraisers. We have had families host softball tournaments, golf outings, basketball tournaments and Wiffleball tournaments. In the summer, several individuals have held events such as purple lemonade stands, and garage sales. Other ideas include dinner parties, car washes, yard sales, dress-down days, and bake sales. Some of these events have become annual events, and continually raise funds and awareness for people with epilepsy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you — Always remember to thank everyone who helped or participated in your Third Party Fundraiser. Provide the EAWCP with an excel spreadsheet of your donors and we can send thank you letters on our letterhead to your donors.

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