For Adults

Our goal is to support your efforts to create a life without compromise!

Each year hundreds of adults who have epilepsy, their spouses, friends and family members contact the EAWCP for information and advice. This initial contact is often made shortly after a person has been diagnosed with epilepsy or when someone is coping with some sort of issue in their life that might be related to having epilepsy or a seizure disorder.

Whether you’re simply looking for information about your medical condition and recent developments in the treatment of epilepsy or you need some direction on where to find legal assistance or access to health insurance, the EAWCP is a resource available to you. We understand that epilepsy doesn’t have to dominate your life. But when problems related to your epilepsy or seizure disorder do arise, we hope that you’ll depend upon us to provide you with reliable, accurate and dependable assistance.

Check out some of the links to the right and give us a call if we can help in any way. In western Pennsylvania call 800-361-5885 or in central Pennsylvania call 800-336-0301.