The Oscar Project

Funded by the Michael R. Zupancic Seizure Response Dog Endowment Fund

The Oscar Project is funded by the Michael R. Zupancic Seizure Response Dog Endowment Fund. The Zupancic family established this endowment with the EAWCP to honor their son, Michael Zupancic, and to help others living with epilepsy. The fund helps by providing guidance and financial support to children and adults who have epilepsy/seizures who want to obtain specially trained dogs that provide assistance to seizure patients.

Michael Zupancic loved his dog, Oscar. Oscar was a devoted dog and constant companion for Michael. Michael died much too young at the age of 46. The family established the Michael R. Zupancic Seizure Response Dog Endowment Fund to help epilepsy patients gain independence with a seizure dog and to have a constant companion like Oscar.

The EAWCP and The Oscar Project can provide you with general information and support on obtaining a service dog for yourself or someone you love. If you are interested in receiving help from The Oscar Project, please contact us at 1-800-361-5885 to determine if you would be appropriate for this or other service dog programs.

Eligibility guidelines, you must:

  • be a child or adult with epilepsy/seizure diagnosis, currently experiencing seizures,
  • be capable of commanding the dog,
  • live in Western/Central PA,
  • be able to travel to Pittsburgh for two multi-day trainings,
  • be able to afford on-going care for the dog (food, vet bills, etc.), and
  • agree to return to the Pittsburgh area yearly for re-certification

Recipients are selected periodically based upon need, availability of funds, and availability of dogs.