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Press Release: Emergency Medication Program


Peggy Beem
President and CEO
412-322-5880 x310

For Immediate Release: April 13, 2020

Emergency Medication Program Offered by Epilepsy Association of Western & Central PA

(Pittsburgh, PA) - Consistent use of medication – meaning taking medications on time and at the correct dose every day – is one of the most important strategies for people with epilepsy to accomplish to help prevent a breakthrough seizure. But for those who have no health insurance, or their insurance doesn’t include prescription drug coverage, consistency is often too expensive.

For people in need of epilepsy medication, help may be available.

The Epilepsy Association of Western & Central Pennsylvania (EAWCP) has a program in place to help those with epilepsy to access medication if they are having trouble doing so. The organization operates an Emergency Medicine program, which provides 30 days of anti-seizure medication to qualified applicants.

To qualify for this one-time use program, applicants must have a valid prescription at a pharmacy and be able to provide the pharmacy’s phone number and address. If approved, the EAWCP will pay the pharmacy directly for the anti-seizure medication (only). Applicants will then be able to pick up their anti-seizure medication or, many pharmacies also provide free delivery, which allows the patient to stay at home and still receive their medication.

The information the EAWCP representative will need in order to determine eligibility is:

  • Personal information about the person with epilepsy
  • Information about the seizures
  • Name and dosage of medications, and the frequency the medication is consumed
  • Name, address, and phone number of the pharmacy where the prescription is filled

“If you find yourself running low on your anti-seizure medication with no way to pay for your next refill, contact us to see if you are eligible for emergency medication assistance,” said Peggy Beem Jelley, EAWCP President and CEO.

“I urge everyone not to wait until they are out of medications to contact us. Sometimes it can take several days to coordinate medication and payment with a pharmacy.”

If the reason someone is unable to afford their medications is an ongoing issue, they are urged to work with the EAWCP staff to identify other patient assistance programs that may help.  Also, there are a number of prescription assistance programs that the EAWCP has listed on its web site.

“The EAWCP has always operated this emergency medication program, and we’ve had good success in helping our constituents over the years to secure medication in emergency situations,” Beem Jelley said.

“We just wanted to specifically call attention to this program in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting those whom we serve.”

For more information about the EAWCP emergency medication program, click here: https://www.eawcp.org/programs/emergencymedication/

The EAWCP website has a wealth of information for those who have epilepsy and their families. Please take a long look at: EAWCP.org.

To contact the EAWCP about any other issues you may be experiencing - related to COVID-19 or otherwise - please don’t hesitate to contact them at: https://www.eawcp.org/Module/Mailforms/Contact


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