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Epilepsy Association Response to Ukraine

The Epilepsy Association of Western and Central PA is watching the events and the war in Ukraine unfold with great concern for all those impacted but especially for those Ukrainians who live with disabilities

An estimated 2.7 million people in Ukraine live with disabilities and, in many cases, are stranded in facilities without heat, food, or medical supplies. Gaining access to medications has become almost impossible for everyone. Leaving Ukraine is nearly impossible for anyone and impossible for people with disabilities because of accessibility issues surrounding transportation, evacuation routes, and refugee shelters. 

The Epilepsy Association of Western and Central PA is especially terrified for the thousands of people in Ukraine living with epilepsy who do not have access to life-saving anti-seizure medicines to treat their epilepsy. Without access to ongoing treatment to control seizures, these patients are in grave danger

The Epilepsy Association of Western and Central PA joins the voices of other organizations - local, national and international - in calling for Russia and all countries involved in this conflict to take account of the obligations ratified by both nations through Article 11 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2475, which entail equal protection and safety for all persons with disabilities and immediate access to humanitarian assistance.

There is an inherent link between war and disability. Our healthcare, social service, community, religious, and government networks will all need to work collaboratively to connect individuals and families to the support they will need. We must provide aid to those with disabilities who need to flee war-torn regions. We must acknowledge that soldiers who sustain injuries in war will develop disabilities and need our help. Refugees will develop disabilities due to the traumas of war, displacement, and resettlement. And many of the aid workers witnessing the ravages of war will also need our help. 

If you want to help support people with disabilities in Ukraine now, these organizations are helping to make sure people get medical care, including epilepsy medications.

World Institute on Disability is coordinating The Global Alliance for Disaster Resource Acceleration’s (GADRA) support efforts to disability-led organizations in Ukraine. Ukraine Response & Updates – World Institute on Disability (wid.org) Donate (paypal.com

Brother’s Brother Foundation provides medical supplies, education, and other help. Non Profit Organization For World Relief, Health And Education (brothersbrother.org)

United Ukrainian American Relief Committee is working closely with the Ukrainian Embassy and US Aid. Currently accepting donations for trauma, medical and hospital supplies. United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Inc. (uuarc.org)

World Central Kitchen World Central Kitchen (wck.org) provides meals and food for refugees at the borders and in shelters. Donate to World Central Kitchen (wck.org)

ROW Foundation provides epilepsy medications in underserved and under resourced areas of the world. They are currently sending epilepsy medicines to Ukraine. Donate - ROW Foundation (rowpharma.org)